September 3, 2011 you know that person?

I decided to link up to Kelly's Korner today for "Show Us Your Life-Favorite Blogs."

Since I have been so, so terrible posting on my own blog {see: the one and only post I have successfully uploaded so far} I thought that it would be a nice push for me to simply list the blogs that keep me entertained on a daily basis. Hence, my second post ever.

I first "found" blogging when I stumbled upon Kelly's Korner about three years ago. Kelly quickly won me over with her sweet disposition, southern charm and beautiful family. I found myself searching for other mom blogs, and quickly became hooked. My husband would look over at the computer screen occasionally and ask, "Honey, do you know that person?" To that I would answer, "No, but I wish I did!" What a powerful network of resources, support and style. At this point in my life, I don't know what I would do without them.  So, let's get to the list:


Blue Eyed Bride

I listed Blue Eyed Bride first because it is the first blog that I check daily. She posted a recipe called Bow Tie Fiesta a while back, and I often wonder if she can see that someone from Louisiana is constantly searching "Bow Tie Fiesta" on her site. At this point, I should just write it down! Erin is a busy stay-at-home mommy of two who's style and advice is invaluable to me. She is so open about her struggles, but never weighs you down with negativity. She lived in Louisiana when she was younger, so we have that in common. I just can't get enough of BEB. I often wonder if I will be following her blog when I am in a nursing home. I really hope so.


According to Nina

After finding Erin's blog, I inevitably stumbled upon Nina's. Nina is my go-to person for product reviews. She gives her honest opinion about products from baby to beauty. I am sure my husband would have preferred I never found her blog because I always end up spending money on her fabulous recommendations! Follow Nina on twitter as well. She will keep you updated on the latest sales, reviews and happenings in her life. I am so glad that I do!


Pink Lou Lou

Seriously, this girl makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis. As if her humor wasn't enough, she is drop-dead-gorgeous. The thing I love the most about Pink Lou Lou is the fact that she is not afraid to tell you how to be just as gorgeous! She has single-handedly increased Ulta's stock with her make-up advice. She is known world-wide {I suspect} for her hair techniques. Especially the "southern poof." Recently, Pink Lou Lou wrote this post about "My Best Friend's Wedding" that had me in tears! If that wasn't enough, she followed it up with an equally hilarious post about marrying Prince Harry. This blog is like a little ray of sunshine.


Life {Sweet} Life

I recently started following Sarah, and I just love her blog! She is a beautiful mother and wife, but her humble writing style is what won me over. I love to keep up with her latest craft or home decorating projects. She styled her son's first birthday party, and it just blew me away! She also cut off her long hair for Locks of Love. I think she looks great with short hair! See for yourself here. I can't wait to read more about her inspiring life.

Wicked Sweet Tea

Oh-my-word. Brynn of Wicked Sweet Tea has me cracking up with every post. She has such a way with words! If you ask me, she should start writing a book. Like pronto. I admire her total honesty and she is not afraid to tell it all. The beautiful thing about her blog is that she also incorporates real and emotional moments that show her caring side. I think Brynn's blog should be on everyone's daily reading list.


Puttin' on the Grits

Nicole is the quintessential southern lady. Her posts are elegant, bright and 100% southern. I especially enjoy when she travels or shops and then writes about it. This is another blog that is bad for your pocket book, but great for your soul. She also started a traveling blog with her boyfriend called Seasonally Southern {what a great title}. A must-follow for any southern woman who is worth her grits.


Merry & Bright

I started to follow Meredith on twitter not long ago. She introduced me to my Erin Condren life planner and for this, I am eternally grateful! She is a fantastic mother and a very detailed party planner. She is expecting her third child, and I can't wait to read all about it!

The Southern Blossoms

I just started following Elizabeth on twitter last week. She recently moved to L.A. {the one in California} from the REAL LA {as in Louisiana}. I am so happy to "meet" her and can't wait to find out more about she and her family...even if she is an Ole Miss fan. Ahem...Geaux Tigers ;)

I am going to stop here for the following reasons:

 1) I could go on-and-on about the blogs that I read.
 2) I barely have any readers, so I am probably just talking to myself at this point {ha}.


  1. Aw, thank you!!! I'm honored to be on your list...especially with these other ladies that I love!

  2. Thank you so much! I love your whole list! I read all of these blogs, too! What a great group of bloggers! And p.s. I love your blog design. It's so cute!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and I love it! I'm a California girl who dreams of a Southern life and I love that through blogging I can get my Southern fix! :o) I will definitely be back!


  4. Hi Stefanie! I love California, and I am happy you can get a little Louisiana through my blog :)

  5. Nicole--Thank you! I would never make a "must-read" list without your blog :)

    Erin--Thanks for stopping by! My blog was designed by Fab K Creative :)

  6. Katie, my hubby is just going to kill you for adding to my blog list! Ha! Thanks for the great suggestions!


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